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Narcissism and relationships

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Good morning, @heidikcamara1203191 Youch! That comment had to hurt and obviously took you by surprise. It’s always a shock when we are brought to a new level of self awareness. I think at some point in our lives, everyone has had a reality slap in the face. I had mine when it was brought to my attention that I was a Control Freak! Me? It wasn’t until I really started paying attention as to how other people were perceiving my well-meant intentions of having a project be perfect. An example would be a simple household chore I’d ask my husband or daughter to do, but then would take over because I was frustrated it wasn’t being done the way I expected. I’ve since learned, (30+ years ago) it doesn’t always have to be my way! Relinquishing that control didn’t come overnight. But now, pfft, that’s no longer the way I roll. No longer a control freak. 🙂
Change takes a lot of self awareness and sometimes a real shift in the way we think. It won’t come overnight but in time, you can change thought patterns to where it’s less ‘me’ focused and more on the needs and feelings of others.

I found an online test from Psyche Central where you can do a little self assessment to see if you have narcissistic tendencies. It might give you some insight into your personality and help open your eyes to a character flaw that may need a little tweaking.


A true narcissist wouldn’t even bother wanting to change, so don’t write yourself off for what ‘a group’ of people said about you. I think it’s admirable for you to want to make improvements but it certainly doesn’t require you to be removed from the people you love while you try to move your mind away from the behavior that prompted that comment.

What was happening at the time of the comment?

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