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Excessive Mucus with Esophageal Cancer

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Hello Kelly, I am so sorry that your husband is going thru this. I am now 2 years out. The mucus gets bad I remember non stop coughing and using 2 large tissue boxes a day. I now clean and suction a couple of times a day but I live more normal as I was before. But keeping him taking in calories is important and keeping him hydrated. I pushed while I had pain medication to swallow – get a home nurse if you can to stop in and check on him daily- keep checking his oxygen levels- he needs to walk around the house to get up and he may need nausea medication and dry mouth spray. Some people have delay radiation side effects- so if he’s done with radiation and 3 months – 4 months he’s not feeling to hot it’s normal but keep taking him in to his doctors and checking his oxygen.

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May I ask if you or any others who have had esophageal cancer had a lot of mucus and saliva BEFORE treatment? My sister quite possibly has it(either Stage 4 cervical cancer mets or a primary) and she gets choked and coughs with lots of mucus and saliva about every other day. No blood in it but LOTS of it. My understanding is it can go on for several hours and then seem normal. She has a lot of gas, as well as getting hiccups. No taste to the mucus-just clear. Thanks so much! God bless!

May I ask what you mean by suction? I have often wished I could use a vaccum cleaner to remove the mucus.