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Y-90 liver cancer treatment

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I it a second treatment or the first treatment after the mapping?

I’ve now had two mappings and three radiation shoots, Was a little disappointing because I had gone almost a year without a tumor popping up then all of a sudden it came out of nowhere.This was a little scary because there was a thrombus attached that was trying to sneak into a branch of the portal vein. Once in the portal vain it can spread to the rest of the liver. Scans have since shown that it did not spread thank God.

Since I’ve been through it two other times I’m pretty secure they will kill this one too, The others I had Y90 on are still there but they’re dead,

I still support y90 and would do it as many times as I can because It’s worked for me but I’m really praying no more tumors will pop up.

I always have a CT scan a month after treatment and they can pretty much tell what it did then every three months to keep an eye on it.

Has anyone else had experiences with varacies? I have had them since I was diagnosed with cirrhosis but they were small grade 1 and too small to be banded. This last EGD I had showed grade 3 and they banded four.

Soooo this was kind of bad news month after doing so well for two years.

Let us know what they are recommending after you meet with IR this week and good luck Parrot.

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Thanks Diane. This will be my first visit so mapping and treatment to follow. I had no tumor growth for two years but now it has started to grow. Hoping, like you, that no new rumored pop up. Sorry to hear you had a new tumor. Glad that Y90 is an option. Are you on the transplant list?
I also had varices. Low grade now but large enough to be handed first time around. I take Coreg to keep new ones from forming by alleviating portal hypertension. It has worked well. No more nose bleeds, bleeding gums, or feeling like I was having a heart attack sometimes even in the day, but usually at night. I’ve been on coreg for two years now and I am feeling much better. The banding was not bad either. Just like a regular endoscopy.
Good luck on your journey, Diane. Will let you know how it all shakes out. Thanks again for listening.

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