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Problem with Chronic constipation

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I had the feeling of indigestion off and on for many years. I found that 1/4 tea of baking soda in a small amt of water stops it.There is a lot of research about the negatives of omeprazole, my husband knows it all. Has that hernia as well and has opted not to take it because of the negatives. I wish I could say what they are but his doc switched him to famotidine but he really tries not to do either. I know if my gut is moving along as it should that I never have indigestion. I also eat no animal fats. The last hamburger I ate took 3 days to digest – my body just doesn't tolerate it and seems as if my digestion is really slow. We love the Impossible Burger meat alternative because it tastes amazing and without the consequences. I have to eat vegan and about 8 years ago I became lactose intolerant which is a bit of a bummer since I do love lattes from Starbucks. Like Mr Rogers said, "I don't eat anything that has a mother." There is protein in fruits, vegetables and nuts plus I get to eat so much more food.

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I see you’ve realized which diet works for you .. that’s wonderful.
I’m into my second week without using omeprazole, so I’m beginning to see which foods are troublesome. I’m trying Lactaid on yogurt days. That helps.
I’m bad with taco chips or potato chips. One handful is usually too much..