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Glutathione or GSH patches might be another option. Haven't tried them, so this is not a personal endorsement. I have seen them for sale on Amazon, and other places on the web. A bit cheaper than injections. Herbalist Stephen Harrod Buhner recommends nebulized GHS for his COPD and IPF protocols -- free articles are on his website. Hoping to find a functional doc to work with soon.
"(GSH) is a far better mucolytic than NAC which is
generally all that most physicians will suggest to you. (The studies on the effectiveness of NAC
reveal, over and over, that it is not very good.) Glutathione is better. IF you have this kind of lung
condition or similar, there is often a build up of mucus in the lungs. This is a perfect breeding
ground for infectious organisms; it also interferes with breathing. The use of a mucolytic is, in
this kind of disease, essential." - Buhner

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Thank you for this info! I did get the sodium chloride but still trying to find someone to prescribe the GSH...I almost have my pulmonary talked into it. I felt clearer and less heavy chest after using the sodium chloride already!! Thank you again!

FYI Stephen Harrod Buhner just passed away from Pulmonary Fibrosis. He thinks he got it from all the woodworking he did. He should have died in two years, but he lasted about another ten years. He has his protocol on his website. Amazing guy.

I've been taking NAC, which I just found out is from Glutathione. I found Glutathione on iHerb. I didn't read in Pecaut's book that he broke open a capsule and nebbed it with the saline. Interesting.