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@kathleenlp and I also have been taking oral glutathione for a couple of years now that my functional medicine doctor gave me. He says it's the single most important antioxidant in the human body. And I'll never forget a comment made by Dr. Hyman once in a podcast that they did a study once between hospitalized patients and people not in the hospital and found that those in the hospital had very low levels or no glutathione in their bodies whereas healthy people had normal levels. So that was enough for me to hear about glutathione. The one I take is called ReadiSorb....it's a white plastic bottle with a green label. You can google it. I looked on Amazon but I don't see it there. There are other brands I'm sure. I take a teaspoon a day on an empty stomach and wait 20 minutes usually. Sometimes I skip a day here and there because it's not cheap. I also believe in Chinese herbs but I think you have to hook up with a Chinese practitioner to get those herbs. I did do acupuncture for a year like Pecaut did but maybe I should have done it for longer. I also have had a chronic cough for four years since I got the flu in 2018. I was diagnosed in 2016 with no symptoms but my lungs looked bad on the CT scan. And then boom, I get the flu in 2018 and it almost killed me and left me with a chronic cough that no one has figured out yet so I'm working on that, too. Right now to no avail but I'm not giving up. Good luck in your journey! Nan

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Hi Nan! I will look for the glutathione pill form as well. Can you tell me your strength of the glutathione for the nebulizer? I saw you said amount, 1 mil....
I found a doctor(MD) who also does alternative medicine right by me but I can't get in for a couple weeks. I am just trying to get everything in place. So did you ever find a Chinese practitioner or try any of that Nan? When you say chronic cough, describe for me. I rarely cough except in the morning. It is a dry cough for 5 minutes or so. Sometimes drinking something cold sets me off. I had a productive cough in the morning for about an hour for 8-10 years but my Internist just kept saying oh it is allergies until I coughed up blood and then they found everything else which I imagine I had for many, many years. Frustrating. My first pulmonary put me on azithromycin low dose once a day for 6 months and my cough disappeared!
I am concerned about my longevity/health as my husband has early stage Alzheimer's and I want to be able to care for him...he is extremely healthy otherwise and could outlive me! It is my understanding an illness like your flu or my HMPV recently can be fatal. I don't want to live in a bubble either! Thanks for all your help.! Kathy

I am new to all of this. Just diagnosed and reading everything I possibly can. I already ordered L-Glutathione and have nebulized a couple of days with it. Not sure if it just in my mind but there seems to be some loosening of mucous this morning while nebulizing!!
The ReadiSorb, at a teaspoon a day are you looking at around 24 doses per 4 ounce bottle (and $60 a bottle!!!)? Do you mix it with anything, or just take it straight?
My SmartVest arrives next Wednesday. Can't wait to get started with that.
Hope you don't mind, but I'll probably have a thousand more questions as I start this journey.


Mark Powers
McKinney TX