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Hi Nanette, thank you! It's so great to connect with people in the same journey with a similar mindset!! I just checked The Institute for Functional Medicine website and there are tons of clinics in my area and many with MD's. Yay!
Last night in talking with our financial advisor I discovered she has been going to a homeopathic clinic 5 minutes from me with a MD and a PA! She has been taking glutathione for years (from them but pill form for overall health). So I also put in a call to them. I totally agree on the exercise part. Luckily that's been a part of my lifestyle my entire life. I follow Fuhrman but will look up Hyman. Good tip. May I ask about the Chinese herbs and medicine aspect...I see we have lots of that in Houston too....did your functional doc hook you up with that too? Thank you again!!

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@kathleenlp and I also have been taking oral glutathione for a couple of years now that my functional medicine doctor gave me. He says it's the single most important antioxidant in the human body. And I'll never forget a comment made by Dr. Hyman once in a podcast that they did a study once between hospitalized patients and people not in the hospital and found that those in the hospital had very low levels or no glutathione in their bodies whereas healthy people had normal levels. So that was enough for me to hear about glutathione. The one I take is called ReadiSorb....it's a white plastic bottle with a green label. You can google it. I looked on Amazon but I don't see it there. There are other brands I'm sure. I take a teaspoon a day on an empty stomach and wait 20 minutes usually. Sometimes I skip a day here and there because it's not cheap. I also believe in Chinese herbs but I think you have to hook up with a Chinese practitioner to get those herbs. I did do acupuncture for a year like Pecaut did but maybe I should have done it for longer. I also have had a chronic cough for four years since I got the flu in 2018. I was diagnosed in 2016 with no symptoms but my lungs looked bad on the CT scan. And then boom, I get the flu in 2018 and it almost killed me and left me with a chronic cough that no one has figured out yet so I'm working on that, too. Right now to no avail but I'm not giving up. Good luck in your journey! Nan

Hi Kathleen,

Did you find a functional medicine doctor in Houston? Did you get the nebulizer glutathione? I have a son in Houston so I go to a doctor there and I get IV vitamin treatments too!