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@kathleenlp Hi Kathleen, In Daniel Pecaut's book he never stated the name of his glutathione because he said something about he had to get his in the mail and he never listed any name. I read the book three times but it was six years ago now so I don't remember. It might have been that he mentioned a compound pharmacy but I'm just not sure. And I don't know what year he wrote that book so there might not have even been a capsule like there is one now. I just don't know. And probably the reason pulmonologists don't know about it is maybe there's not enough scientific evidence yet on it. My first pulmonologist was willing to look for it and heard of it but his exact comment was "well, the patients that have tried it said it makes them cough". Well, duh. Oh course it does but you just keep going with it. Part of that is that it's mixed with saline so it's probably the saline anyway. And then when my second pulmonologist, who specializes in bronchiectasis rolled his eyes when I asked him it made me even more determined to find it. So I did and that was when I found out about functional medicine which I totally believe in now. You can go to the website ifm.org (which is The Institute for Functional Medicine) and find who's in your area. My suggestion is though look for one that is an MD also....because these guys have branched out because they KNOW that pharmaceuticals can be very toxic( even though they also know we need them in some instances) but they are willing to branch out and use alternative methods for healing. I also follow Dr. Mark Hyman...he's the head of functional medicine at the Cleveland Clinic. If you go back and listen to some of his podcasts you will learn more about healing yourself than any regular medical doctor. And all of his stuff is scientifically based. He's written a ton of New York Time bestsellers. I also follow Dr. Joel Fuhrman, who uses what's called a nutritarian diet (basically just nutrient dense food instead of bad food). He reverse diabetes and heart disease in his patients and has been for 30 years. But back to Daniel Pecaut, I tried all of his eight things, too. And who knows what triggered his to reverse but I'm sure it was the combination. And remember, he did NOT have MAC. He just had bronchiectasis so that could be part of the puzzle, too, in his reversal. I think a big part is the exercise myself. I don't run like he did but I do power walks and try to breathe through my nose like he did. My only issue is the low grade inflammation I have in my upper airways all the time but my function medicine doctor and I have been trying lots of different alternative things. No luck yet and maybe never but I'm hell bent on trying stuff. I don't want to take steroids. If I ever find something I'll let you know. And remember also every human being is SO different. So something that might work for one doesn't necessarily work for another. Hope this answers the rest of your questions. Nan

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Hi Nanette, thank you! It's so great to connect with people in the same journey with a similar mindset!! I just checked The Institute for Functional Medicine website and there are tons of clinics in my area and many with MD's. Yay!
Last night in talking with our financial advisor I discovered she has been going to a homeopathic clinic 5 minutes from me with a MD and a PA! She has been taking glutathione for years (from them but pill form for overall health). So I also put in a call to them. I totally agree on the exercise part. Luckily that's been a part of my lifestyle my entire life. I follow Fuhrman but will look up Hyman. Good tip. May I ask about the Chinese herbs and medicine aspect...I see we have lots of that in Houston too....did your functional doc hook you up with that too? Thank you again!!