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Hi Nanette! This is so helpful!!! Yes, I read that book but I did not see the capsules....maybe in the back. I have 2 pulmonary docs, one near me and one in the big medical center in town and they both are resisting giving me a script for the glutathione. I have the sodium chloride ordered but they seem to be having trouble finding it. Please tell me how you chose your functional medicine doc and are there others on that team (like Daniel use...herbalist, naturopathic) I have been diagnosed since 2017 and have not progressed without any treatment of the MAC. Treated the Aspergillus(still showed on next bronch) and the bronchiectasis with Brovana(nebulizer) and Arnuity once a day(steroid) I was even improving until this last illness. Then my Ctscan looked a little worse but I was very sick. The MAC morphed into the abscessus, which is much worse and only treatment is daily hospital infusion and another nebulized medication....since I am asymptomatic they are not treating me....lots of Ctscans which I feel will kill me in the end! every 4-6 months. My lifestyle was very similar (my whole adult life) that Daniel recommended in regards to exercise (runner) and very healthy eating. Maybe that is why i have done well. My saturation is always 98-100, low BP, low pulse, good blood count numbers etc. Please let me know if you tried any of the other things Daniel suggested or if you have any suggestions. Thank you so much!!

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Hi Kathleen,
I found the Glutathione Plus at https://shop.thedrswolfson.com/products/l-glutathione-plus. There are instructions on how to use it. Pricing for 100 capsules is $41.95.
I have never used glutathione but have heard it is very beneficial. Many thanks go out to Nanette for her post which is prompting me to incorporate glutathione into my 7% saline nebbing routine. I hope the above information helps. I have learned more here than anywhere else. We are a great community!