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2020!!!! I have been since Oct 2021 and this is the worst thing I have ever been through. You are right about people. I have coworkers that say aww you not sick all time. This site has been awesome and I pray they find something to help us all with this.

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We are helping ourselves then we will help others. We can wait on other people to prove what hasn’t not been proven about longhaulers. We are the body of knowledge and the more we share the ones that need it will know we care. Hugs.

The worst thing is when symptoms are hard to qualify, there have always been health issues that have been hard to diagnose, but usually symptoms can be quantified . I've been struggling with various issues for about a year. now. very similar to things I read here, but tests are negative, but I had covid 12 mos. prior so it's not like it's connected. I can't see a long covid and tests do not provide answers My friend, has a radio show has shared his long covid struggle with his listeners just to let them know it's an ongoing thing. It does wear on him (and others) when just about things seem to be getting better, he'll have a really bad episode. He's an independent guy who is blind and has always risen above a situation, with this though, I can help a bit by being a sounding board…