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Hi thank you for your response. No one told me not to be around copper.
It's the feeling I have when I'm closed to it. Even holding the phone it's
the same reaction I feel when I'm around copper. My whole body feel
electrified and on top of that I feel a severe headache.

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Hi @fififefe, I know how unsettling it is to have the feeling of your body being electrified. It happened so frequently while I was going through this, that I called them my power surge days. But it was scary when I didn’t know what was going on.
Our symptoms are similar with the electrical impulses but I didn’t have any headaches or reaction to anything in particular. I also know the reason for my situation. My zaps were due to inflammation and damage to my spinal cord from graft vs host disease following a bone marrow transplant. Along with a trembling in my entire body, I also experienced Lhermitte’s syndrome, if I tipped my head down, I would have radiating buzzing from my neck, down my back and into my arms. Adding insult to injury it progressed to where I also lost all feeling from my waist to my toes for several days. This happened about 2.5 years ago and has now completely reversed itself with medication to halt the inflammation.
After reading that your symptoms began after an accident I’m wondering if there is a pinched nerve or compressed disc that might be causing your sensations? I’d like to tag a fellow mentor, @jenniferhunter who has more experience when it comes to spinal cord compression and neurological symptoms. Maybe she can point you in the right direction for some guidance.

What type of accident did you have? Was it an automobile with a whiplash?
I don’t see any reference to your having seen a neurologist, osteopathic doctor or a clinic that specializes in spinal injuries. Have you sought medical help for this?