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Dear All
I've just found this as a couple of years ago I only occasionally smelled cigarette smoke at my Mother's house and believed that it was either the neighbours or someone passing by on the street.
Fast forward to 1 month ago and, after a severe cold in December I started smelling smoke at my house a little more frequently. Again, I thought it was one of my neighbours (I live in an apartment block).
I had a cold last week now constantly smell cigarette smoke both at home, in the office, in my Greek lesson class, practically everywhere and it seems as though the smoker is sitting right next to me. I've been asking everyone around me if they can smell it and the answer is no.
It's driving me crazy and beginning to get me down.
I quit smoking back in 1986. I am 63 and do not (luckily) take any medication other than the odd Ibuprofene or Paracetamol tablet for headaches (max. 3 times a year).
I called my doctor this morning (the first time I've had to call in two years) and she just prescribed me some Flumicil as I am suffering from coughing fits at night from what feels to me like post nasal drip and she has asked me to take a Covid test, just in case. I do hope that this will help, but it really is beginning to get me down now.
At least I know I'm not alone with this problem, but I so want it to end.

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Welcome @ppditaly, It is somewhat comforting to know you are not alone. I'm wondering if you saw the links @colleenyoung shared with @scottula in an earlier post. Here is the link – https://connect.mayoclinic.org/comment/635780/

Did your doctor mention anything about phantosmia (olfactory hallucinations) or discuss possible treatments?

@ppditaly Good morning and welcome. I see you joined Connect today, on my birthday!😊 Unfortunately, I have no consolation prize to offer.

What I do have is an experience from my working days when my co-worker complained of smelling smoke for a couple of years. She and I sat adjacent to each other and were, and are, still good friends. While I suffered from hypersensitive sensors and could smell anything and everything, I never smelled her claim of smoke. She also was having headaches and occasional migraines which lead her to a neurologist. Inevitably, an MRI found a brain aneurism and she had surgery to remove it. All went well and my friend is now healthy, happy, and no longer smelling smoke. I don't share this to alarm you, and am not saying you have this scenario, but knowledge is power. Do you have a neurologist? If so, have you mentioned smelling smoke to them?

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