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Problem with Chronic constipation

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Thank you for sharing. My new primary physician whom I met last week suggested that during my surgery 5 years ago nerves may have been severed that serve the colon.
That is the first logical explanation I have received since meeting my gastroenterologist.
Like you, I plan when I will take a natural laxative and stay home the next day.
I see my GI on April 4th, I will post what he says. He is rather dismissive. My new PCP put in a request to my insurance for a second opinion referral to a different GI . So frustrating. Like you, I work out, hike, drink lots of fluids, eat fruits and vegetables, etc., etc. Nothing! So frustrating. Doctors don't get how much this changes quality of life.

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Yes,yes,yes…I’m on my second gastroenterologist in Boston. So my lists of tests is endless. This new Gastro on March 16th said you didn’t have an endoscopy or the smart pill study. I did do the sitz marker study and never passed one ring after 5 days. April 28 is endoscopy and early May is the smart pill. I’m never giving up to surgery. Yes, the nerve has always made sense along with long term anesthesia. I know that is rare but it can happen. Anesthesia shuts down digestive system during surgery. I’ve always, even with smaller surgeries needed to be catheterized because by bladder never wakes up, so why not my bowels. Just thoughts I have. Visceral massage is absolutely wonderful and I never heard of it till November last year. She works on scar tissue in my neck. My surgery called acdf is going through the front of your neck to repair cervical spine. While working on my throat area I feel the pull in my navel which has scar tissue from appendix and gallbladder. She works on vagus nerve every week. It’s so tied together it baffles me. I take probiotics every other day but more of a believer in prebiotic’s which is simply fermented foods. It’s actually food that feeds your already good bacteria. I get fermented pickles and carrots and ginger. You don’t need to eat a lot at all. I take a heaping tablespoon of carrots and toss it on something or eat a pickle, found at Whole Foods. If another doctor says are you sure you drink water and exercise I think I will throw up. Those things don’t matter when you have motility issues. Yes, drink water and exercise but it won’t cure us. I understand it’s tough to believe in almost two years I either poop bunny stool or diarrhea but it’s true. I was so active prior to this and now I have to rethink everything. I go on a plane I’m doomed for days. I never eat out cause I need to know what’s going in. It’s just awful but I refuse to remove my entire colon. It could be a valve or small intestine. Well this new Gastro is kind of back tracking. I also get pelvic floor pt because when you don’t pass normal stools your rectum gets extra tight. I have no modesty anymore, lol. I just don’t care. Someone must have an idea out there. I wish doctors at Mayo read our stuff and chimed in. I’d travel anyplace if someone reached out and said I think I can fix you. Good luck and keep posting..Joanne
I think their are thousands of us out there.

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