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Problem with Chronic constipation

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i do not think a tortuous colon is like a mega colon. tortuous to me means it has a lot of areas that twist, mega means very oversized giving it way too much holding capacity. for me, reglan at bedtime creates a lot of stimulation to my gi tract. enough to keep me awake. i'm not familar with motegrity but it is prolly similar. miralax is too slow to work for me. i respond to it in about 3 days. it's a long wait. have you ever tried probiotics?

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Curious, I take Align probiotics, Colace 1xdaily and they do not stimulat my colon. So I take Prunelax at night every 5 days. This causes diarrhea so I have to stay home the next day.
It is such a pain! And when I have bacterial overgrowth flare I take antibiotics. Ugh!

My colon is also very long. That is the reason it twists, turns and loops, because there is not enough room inside of me. The question seems to be if I was born that way or if all the years of constipation caused it. No way to really know. I have tried numerous probiotics and never saw any real impact.

I agree, Miralax takes several days, at least 3 for me, too sometimes more. My GI Dr. said to speed that up I could take it 2 X's a day. I have been relying on it along with Citracel and lots of water and fiber in diet, but finding a balance of both as to not be " going all the time" is tricky. Plus I'm not real happy about relying on the Miralax. But it has helped my lower left pain and constipation issues.