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@ sunnygirl- I have been on Tagrisso sinc eNov 2018. Have had these symptoms but on investigation the cause was not Tagrisso. See my comments below
bloating 24/7, stomach pain;appetite loss-did a biofire GI panel and found it was due to an infection and was resolved after taking medication for it Also bloating can be related to foods you eat. So avoid those that cause bloating.
heart rate elevated when eating, - checked with the cardiologist-he made me do a 7 day holter which showed atrial fib and gave medications for the heart rate which is under control now. With Tagrisso it is good to stay in touch with the cardiologist
I do have nausea often but Ondemsetron helps when taken half hour before meals.
But do talk to your oncologist for appropriate advice.
Hope this was useful.

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Yes, thank you. My thoughts have been also that these symptoms are not side effects. Of course his fear is that it is some sort of disease progression.

what kind of infection did you have? My husband has been experiencing worsening bloating and fullness to the point where he can't eat much and is starting to lose weight. Where did you get your biofire GI panel done? Is that something a lab like Quest could do?

Interaction between Tagrisso and Zofran -major
Using osimertinib together with ondansetron can increase the risk of an irregular heart rhythm that may be serious and potentially life-threatening.