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Thank you so much. The doctor never said it was high grade T1, I looked it up and didn't like what I saw. Of course, I didn't tell my husband. I asked our primary, who is our neighbor, about how it was considered non life threatening. He now says to pray treatment works and 5 year survival is 70/30. I think the urologist just focuses on next steps instead of prognosis. I have a call into him , my husband signed that I could speak to him. We are just outside of Philly, and I have the info to get an appointment for second opinion at University of Penn. I'm not sure how it would work trying to go to Mayo Clinic . It's far away.

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@ljean63 And I should have written that while I've personally experienced cancer as have members of my family I don't have any personal experience with bladder cancer. I did want to offer my support and provide some questions to help you to think this shock through. That I've had lots of experience with.

It's a relief that you can speak directly to your husband's urologist. Also, with University of Pennsylvania so close you will have some good options available to you. Yes, Mayo Clinic is far from you. I just wanted to offer that as an option.

The five year survival rate is what I was told about my cancer in 2019. Also, it's good to keep in mind that there are many different kinds of cancer and not just one disease. That five year survival rate, too, is based on past scientific evidence and it's encouraging to know that there is so much research going on into different types of cancer that there is far more hope than we realize at the time.

Will you please come back here and let me know what you find out?