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Fructose Malabsorption

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Interested in knowing the symptoms of fructose malabsorption?? I am tracking causes of my gut problems. I have very frequent diarrhea, from loose stools to watery explosions many times in a day or throughout the night. I take a lot of Immodium which is helpful and use Metamucil daily. I am not a sweets fan and have no diet sodas, very few colas, cookies, candies, cakes, syrups, etc. and nothing with artificial sweeteners. Cannot tolerate iceberg lettuce, but romaine and most other raw greens are ok. Cooked greens are no problem. I never know what I have ingested that sets it off and nothing is identified as always a culprit. At times, walking into a store and smelling chemicals such as "sizing" can send me rushing to the restroom. I have been tested for most of the usual conditions, with negative results. I have had an Interstem device implanted to control stimulation of anal muscles. No luck. Probiotics have not done much for me although I subscribe to the idea that they must be live culture. I fear that none or very few of my meds or supplements are being metabolized for the needed benefit. I very often see them in whole form in the toilet after a bm. My nails and skin & hair are in awful condition, nails peeling, splitting, crumbling. I am leaning toward the possibility of "leaky gut". If you have experience or symptoms such as these, I would appreciate your comments and possible suggestions.

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I've had about 90% of your symptoms and have played gut detective as you have. History of problems go back to my childhood--I'm now 76. Just a couple of months I agreed (yet again) to a colonoscopy. I've had several with a popular gastro group over a 15 year period. My current gastro doc took several biopsies in the colon. Results was Collagenous colitis. She put me on a 3 month long treatment of Budesonide. I'm almost at the end of two months and the change in my BM's and reaction to foods is very promising. The BMs have become less frequent and are now firm and larger. Sometime I will go 1-2 days without any BM at all. I take stool softeners to make sure I don't go longer than two days because of hemorrhoids. Also I've have a section of my colon removed because of diverticulitis and the surgeon stressed that I should not become constipated. Hope my history is in someway helpful. I pray you can find an answer soon. These conditions wreak havoc on our ability to enjoy our lives.