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Problem with Chronic constipation

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My name is lucky. I am 22 years old.I am suffering from constipation from last 6 years.I have consulted with many doctors but nobody could fix it.And now a day my situation is that i cant do motion without any suspension syrup or tablet.When i go to do motion it feel like i have stone in my stomach and my anus is close.I want to know whats tyoe of problem i have? Thank you.

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Hi @lucky786, welcome to the patient community, Mayo Clinic Connect. I've moved your question about suffering from constipation for many years to this discussion:
- Problem with Chronic constipation https://connect.mayoclinic.org/discussion/problem-with-chronic-constipation/

You can connect here with other patients talking about dealing with constipation. Only a doctor can diagnose what the underlying issue might be. You said that you have consulted many doctors. Have you seen a GI specialist? Do you live in the US?

Get a gastroenterologist, get a Sitz study, Colonoscopy, X-ray and maybe a CT. Get labs, especially make sure your thyroid level is normal, find someone that looks at your t3 and t4, not just your TSH! I after 30 years have a good thyroid Dr and even though my thyroid levels are for the first time stable in 30 years my colonic inertia has not improved. Make sure your eating clean, no fast food and drinking plenty water and moving. Some people talk of Pelvic floor therapy and massage but that’s for people who have mild not severe constipation like some of us. It is also an easy income for some to make money off of desperate people. Sometimes there are no explanations if all test negative and your diet and fluids are pristine and your moving etc. If that is the case and you don’t have any medical or mechanical problems then they call what you have IBS-C. Meaning the Drs just can’t figure out “why” you have constipation and if that is the case and you have tried all over the counter med suggestions then the Dr can justify prescribing Linzess and there are a few others. If your insurance doesn’t cover ( it’s expensive)there are programs to enroll in. Read reviews and blogs and see what people who take it do to make it work. A Dr who never had constipation has no idea that some of us do everything right and still can’t go. I do have scar tissue in my gut that greatly decreases motility.I have managed to keep myself from having a totally blocked colon but it takes lots of work. I am 63 and I pray that God gives me the wisdom to manage my constipation as I get older. It’s hard now so I just don’t see me being able to stay on top of it as an 80 plus year old one day, but I have faith that God will provide for me as I rely on him for all things. I guess the anti God people will block me for voicing my love for God. Well, their bad! No man is a mountain, I know I’m not. Life can be tough and I’m thankful I have someone to rely on and not just myself. Don’t be afraid to seek help. Your health is important. How you take care of yourself now when you are young will effect you years to come.