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I've been off psyche meds myself for almost seven years and completely agree. There is book, called Unhinged, by a Boston area Psychiatrists, Daniel J. Carpet, who explains pretty much why doctors won't help. Psychiatry has been taken over by drug companies. It started in the 80s, and has spiraled out of country since. Something like only one in ten still offer therapy. They are simply med pushers. The most disturbing part to me is along with all the dangerous side-effects the medication comes with, much of doesn't even work well at all.

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Especially the antidepressants. They work well for very few people and are absolute hell to discontinue.

Psychiatry is a dying discipline. I worked at a state 'asylum.' In the 1980's when psych medications became prescribed widely in the USA, laws were created to free the mentally ill of the 'bondage' of state hospitals. The patients had Rights. Thus, the institutions released in droves chronically mentally ill people into the community, with inadequate services, to become homeless or die by suicide or in some cases hypothermia or starvation. This was largely due to the fact that the first thing the mentally ill do is stop taking their medication. This process was done under the guise that as long as people took their psych meds, they could live a normal life. In the '80's and '90's our census went from 1600 patients to 300. I asked a retiring psychiatrist how long the antidepressants worked as I was on Prozac. He said about 2 years and then his patients needed to be switched to a different antidepressant. I had much respect for this doctor because he devoted his life to helping the mentally ill and one does not get rich helping others.

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