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Spouse with cognitive problems and finances

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Zee, yes Bill has written about 20 books, mostly mysteries. Not real long reads. He also does a blog.

I'm probably that Julie Chitwood - maybe. If it is a gehrandt tree and/or matching with Craig Ruecker then it is positively me. If so would love comparing notes.

At the moment I'm exhausted as started work early to get ready for Realtor's picture taking tomorrow. We live at the foot of South Mountain in Phoenix. Most fantastic views - and neighbors.

I bought a Shark IQ remote vacuum and while I'm taking a break it is working away! Love it.

Your husband sounds wonderful - as do you. Hard work being a caretaker!

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Julie no Gehrandt connection for either of us.

I hope you managed to get some rest. I hope to never move again .. our daughter lives in Roswell GA and son in Valdosta.GA. We may eventually need to move nearer to our son… the thought of packing all this collection of household goods and family heirlooms is mind boggling … and Frank's workshop.. a yard sale would be needed to downsize it. .. or small explosion .😁

It is very hard work being a caretaker. It is hard physically and mentally. Frank and I agree that we would do it all over again. He thought as much of my parents as he did his own and his parents were my second set of parents too.

A fantastic view and neighbors is great. Our next door neighbor helps us out a lot. Our scenery is pecan, pine and oak trees. Which I love.. even though I am highly allergic to pecan pollen. I can eat the pecans fine.

Frank has been my caretaker off and on for a few years. I was on a feeding tube for a bit over a year .. couldn't handle that on my own.

I will check into Bill's books again. . and try to find his blog.