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Julie Chitwood (@billchitwood)

Spouse with cognitive problems and finances

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I think moving in with your daughter is best for him and you … just convincing Bill or just telling him like I did my Mama when she had to come live with us .. it is the only best choice we have.

Frank, my husband helped me as caretaker with my mama for two years. My health is not good .. and lost a lot of weight in that time, but back up now. It is important to take care of yourself. Maybe Bill will understand that you need help. Mama's insurance did not pay for people to come in and help with baths and such. PT they did pay for to come to the house. Frank found pull-ups that would do Mama most nights. .. she got to where she would fall trying to get to her potty chair .. I have a bum hand and putting diapers on her was a big pain.

Was Bill a writer of mysteries? Before all my health issues got so bad I was going to read a murder mystery and I think I remember one of your husband's books as a choice.. but long ago and I may be remembering wrong. I cannot pay attention for long anymore.. so leave my reading to short stories and poems.

Oh .. you mentioned genealogy in one of your post as an interest. My husband, Frank (on Ancestry as Lewis Goff) is a dna match to a Julie Chitwood… are you the same one?


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Zee, yes Bill has written about 20 books, mostly mysteries. Not real long reads. He also does a blog.

I'm probably that Julie Chitwood – maybe. If it is a gehrandt tree and/or matching with Craig Ruecker then it is positively me. If so would love comparing notes.

At the moment I'm exhausted as started work early to get ready for Realtor's picture taking tomorrow. We live at the foot of South Mountain in Phoenix. Most fantastic views – and neighbors.

I bought a Shark IQ remote vacuum and while I'm taking a break it is working away! Love it.

Your husband sounds wonderful – as do you. Hard work being a caretaker!

Doesn't look like a match to me – but if that Julie Chitwood is a Chitwood line then she would most likely be connected to Bill in some manner. All the Chitwood tend to tie in together.

Tracking family trees keeps me sane!