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I had my second Zometa infusion on March 11, 2022. The cap on a front tooth literally broke in half prior to the infusion. The tooth beneath was fine. My dentist is replacing the caps on my two front teeth so they will match. I have a temporary cap on now and will get the final ones the end of April. I reminded the dentist about the Zometa but he said there would not be a problem since he is replacing caps. I hope that is the correct thing to do. This concerns me for future Zometa treatments. I have a some tooth sensitivity in some areas which is new. I am always concerned about this and would like to hear from anyone who has completed Zometa and has had a bone density test that shows improvement due to Zometa treatment. I do not want to go thru this for no reason.

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I am a fan of Zometa. I tend to think that the weakness in my teeth was due to the chemo itself (as does my oncologist) or my Covid infection at the end of January (which was brief and mild, but Covid nonetheless). I have had improvement in my bone density since the start of Zometa, not to mention researchers are beginning to examine the possible tumor suppression properties of bisphosphonates. For me, taking this med is in the category of throwing everything at this that we can (stage IIIc). Dentists become concerned when they actually have to do anything that goes below the gumline (which it sounds like is not the case for you). The best we can do is keep up with check-ups and daily maintenance, not to mention doing what we can to maintain general health and a healthy immune system: best tools and good for everyone. I believe the standard of care these days is 3 years of Zometa, 6 mos. apart. With all our treatment decisions, we take account of the ole risk/benefit chart.