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Oh how I appreciate your reply. I do think it is anxiety and would appreciate knowing what meds you were put on that were so helpful. I was put on Gabapentin which helped but am curious about your meds. Last time I saw the provider she said she wanted me off the Ativan by my next appt (tomorrow) but just couldn't do it. Anyway, I am proud of you.

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Your provider said she wanted you off by your next appointment? Worse thing she could tell a benzo patient. Was she the original prescriber?

Yes it very well could be anxiety. I've had anxiety for 6 years or more but never knew about the physical symptoms side of it until it happened a few years ago. So I thought every day I was having a hard attack and couldn't breathe. I'd wake up out of my sleep gasping for air. And I barely got sleep as it was. My sister had to move in with me because I couldn't bare to be alone. I was put on ativan 1mg every morning and 1mg every night. My daily med at the time was effexor. I was on 150 I believe. I quickly let go of the 1mg in the morning after being prescribed because my issue was at night. I eventually was taken off effexor and put on Prozac 20mg and that has been the best for me so far. I just slowly tapered my nightly dose and I mean slowly over the last almost 2 years. I was on .5 for a long time. Then went lower gradually. Your doctor should be much more supportive of you and I'm sorry you've gone through this. Just being cut off is not the answer. I even have ativan left over from when I quit if I ever need it for a panic attack. Keep your head up and i pray you get the help you need. Anxiety can be so debilitating and everyone doesn't understand anxiety.