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Congrats on your achievement!
I have been tapering for 10 months and having a heck of a time. I have shortness of breath which has gotten progressively worse as I lower my does of Ativan. I have an appointment with my healthcare provider tomorrow and in the past she has said shortness of breath is not one of the effects of tapering but I have been to a cardiologist and pulmonologist about the shortness of breath that continues almost all waking hours. The docs say all tests are normal but much of the day I have trouble catching a breath. Actually, I pant. I am down to 0.125mg twice a day so I am getting close but it is coming at a big drain of me physically and emotionally.

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Thank you so much!! Do you think the shortness of breathe can be a symtpom of anxiety? Only asking because when I was put on ativan I was experiencing for the first time breathing issues as a physical symptom of anxiety. I had every heart test known done and when I was put on the right medications it improved a lot. I still experience this once in a while when I have a panic attack and I have to breathe and remind myself its anxiety. As far as the tapering look how far you've come!!! You're doing everything right and it's no rush. 🙂 if you're having a hard time with a certain taper stay there for a while until you adjust. It's an accomplishment just being on a lower dose. It helped me a lot when I quit google searching. Noone is going to get online and post about a perfect experience, and I only read horror stories. You can do this!!! Good luck to you 🙂