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Bruise on breast, freaking out.

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@queenlala01 Let me add my welcome to Mayo Clinic connect! I echo what @colleenyoung said: stay away from "Dr. Google" for now. OMG, I got so much information, some fitting my situation, much of it not, when I did that for a health question!

Your doctor will have your chart and past history, all good to help you figure this out. Take time now to write down what you said here, or print out your posts to refer to. It will help to paint a clear picture. And you are staying on top of it all, knowing where you are in your cycle, how long the bruising lasts, etc. Have you tried a warm compress to ease the bruising?

Oh, and Mayo Clinic Connect will not allow you to attach a picture for the first couple of weeks you sign up. It's a security thing. But, please come back and let me know what the doctor says, okay?

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@queenlala01 Yep, replying to my own post. Go figure!

Last night as I went through awake spell, I was thinking about your dilemma, and hoping you have been able to relax a bit. My mind came up with a few more things to consider"
- Do you wear an underwire bra, that may be irritating the breast tissue? Perhaps it is wearing thin in an area and while doing its job, it is uncomfortable. We often wear undergarments beyond their life expectancy because we like the color or the job they do.
- Do you have a sports activity that may cause pressure in a certain area due to additional protection? I am thinking like a catcher's vest used in softball/baseball. or crash vest used in snow sports/dirtbike sports. They aren't worn but ever-so-often, and the movement you do with them might cause bruising that wouldn't appear right away.
- Perhaps you might recall doing a hard bump into a doorway or other surface? I am on steroids in my chemo, and get red bruises/ irritations realllly easily on my arms. Often my first comment is, "oh, that will leave a mark" and it does! [Goes away in a week or so, but nasty to look at meanwhile!] But also I get deep muscle bruising that finds its way to the surface, presenting a black-and-blue mark, often I cannot recall what I ran into several days before.

How are you doing, today?