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My body's immune system after cancer

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I also took chemo for a nasty breast cancer. I know that these types of drugs can cause a weakened immune system. My doctor said my cell counts were ok, but again and again I would get viruses. I was also very susceptible to contact type infections. This went on for a couple of years and just when I thought it would never end, it did. I went from having IV antibiotics every month or two, to nothing going on. Since the human body is amazing and no one can answer all the reasons why, I just count my blessings. I would add that I agree with the little children being little Petri dishes, I always say that is how immune systems get built. Keep the faith, hopefully you will come out of this with a stronger immune system too. 13 is a lot, are they all from one family? Is it possible to limit exposure to a few at a time, without breaking hearts of course?

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Thank you for your reply, @auntieoakley. Your experiences encourage me. I do not often get discouraged, but I have been as of late, since I seem to be battling with a weakened system. I actually had four surgeries over the next year and a half after chemo treatments, and I think the stress to my body has just taken a toll. I have one surgery yet remaining, but I can put this off for some time. And I will. I need my body to get a bit stronger first. Sleep, diet, exercise, laughter. I am still working on all those elements. . . Thirteen, made up of two families of six children, and one young family of one (so far). We have spoken with the families about exposure. . . but we are going to be revisiting the topic again! Thanks so much for your reply. It helps.