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yikes. sorry this happened to you. I did the same with Cymbalta. On a high dose for about 15 years and then it stopped working and started having unsustainable side effects. So very difficult to get off, even really slowly. I think when we decide to take a pill we are in a place that is prioritizing the feel better need. In the beginning, when it works, wow, wonderful. Then, ugh, if and when it stops or we develop adverse side effects. No easy answers, but sure happy to find people like you and this site.

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The only problem I had with Lorazepam was when I stopped taking it. When I asked the Doctor's why they had me stop due to the horrible side effects I had, their answer, you would have had side effects if you had stayed on them. They need to tell you when you start them what the side effects could be if taken longer than short term. Can't believe this has a BLACK BOX WARNING LABEL and Doctor's are allowed to prescribe it and not monitor you. Putting you on another Benzodiazepine with a longer HALF LIFE to get off a Benzodiazepine, plus all the other DRUGS you have to take (I have a shopping bag full of unfinished drugs) is a sin in my books. When something makes you feel so much better you do not want to stop taking the drug. We are keeping the whole MEDICAL field employed with a hefty salary.