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I hope you make it . . .

Breast Cancer | Last Active: Jul 7, 2023 | Replies (15)

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Ah, Dee. . . . isn't tax day bad enough without a mammogram? (lol and sigh.) I had my hysterectomy the day before my birthday. (sigh.) No birthday dinners last year. . . but I decided it was the biggest most "bestest" gift I could receive to have that diseased uterus out. So. . . though my circumstances didn't change, my attitude DID. 🙂 Whether cancer trials or not, life is full of opportunities to change our thinking, which in turn, changes our responses. I don't think I'll ever "arrive" at not having to "check" my attitude. Cancer has taught me that full-well. God has our days. No matter the length of them. I try to keep that in my mind always, though sometimes, I confess, I try to take the reigns myself. Thank you, Lord, for your great mercy to start every day anew. And my, this sunshine we are getting in Iowa today is magnificent!! That helps tremendously! 😀 Have a terrific tax day!

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Yes, tax day + a mammogram = comedy. I choose to laugh at all of it today. The sun is out and I just took a brisk walk and enjoyed every step I took and every breath of fresh air! God is good!