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I was prescribed Lorazepam 6mg for Restless Leg Syndrome for over 10 years, My best friend's husband, who is a Psychiatrist said it is a dangerous drug. I immediately after reading tons of on line info stopped. I almost had a psychotic break five days later. I heard my phone ringing constantly and it was not ringing, I rocked back and forth sitting in bed for 7 hours, could not lay down because I was so nauseous. I tried calling my friend whom I speak to every day and could not remember her phone number. I called my Doctor at 4:30 am and he sent in a script to Walgreens. They did not deliver and I could absolutely not stand up let alone drive. I called my friend at 5:30, not easy thing to do at 5:30 AM, she picked up the medicine for me. Thus my journey for Withdrawing from Benzodiazepines. Of course it was the best decision I could have made but many times during the journey I questioned my decision. I won't go through what I have been through for the past 9 months but I will tell you I am 78 and I got through it. I wish I had know about Mayo Connect, I just signed up and I am on the last legs of my withdrawal. I THANK each and everyone who contributes their experiences and advice. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

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I am on 3.80 mg diazepam on a slow liquid taper. Am having a very difficult time. I am 77 and was put on diazepam 14 years ago for pelvic spasms. My dose was eventually upped to35mg then doc decided to take me off in 6 days. I knew nothing about Benzos or withdrawal. It was horrible. I thought I was dying. The doctor never told me what was happening. That was 10 years ago. 35 mg was finally reinstated then was given cipro for a bladder infection and went thru cold turkey again. My nervous system has never been the same. Have been trying to titrate down since it was finally reinstated.
I am so discouraged and sick from even very small cuts. I also have chronic pain which increases with withdrawal. I so much want to get off this poison. It has taken 10 years of my life from me. It is good to hear you are doing well. So many are suffering from Benzo withdrawal sometimes for years after stopping. Very few doctors know how to taper. You have to do it yourself.