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I had a RP in August 2021, at Duke Cancer Center. My PSA climbed slowly over a 3 year period, 2.5 to 4.2 with no enlargement or masses that were detectable through a digital exam. I had a needle biopsy first that showed two areas with Gleason 7 ( 3+4). Then had a prostate MRI that showed a couple more lesions that were contained within the prostate. Next I decided to have a fusion biopsy to gather even more information. I absolutely love the multidisciplinary team that consists of pathologists, oncologists, scientists, medical geneticists, and clinical trial teams. The multidisciplinary team allows you to meet with 3 specialists one at a time so that you can make or start to form a educated decision on the path or course of treatment. I was told that I am young (62), and I am in good health, thus it made since to me to have a RP (kinda one and done was my hope!) I also consider my surgeon a rock star when it comes to RP, Judd W. Moul, MD is an Urologic Oncologist at Duke. I was told that the nerve bundles were spared, and the seminal vesicles and, lymph nodes were left un touched. I was in the hospital only 24 hours before I was home. I did have some pain associated with the cathater and was pleased to see it go after two weeks. Before surgery I had 4 or 5 sessions with a pelvic floor physical therapist. I resumed visits with the pelvic floor physical therapist 4 weeks after surgery. I was fully continent 8 weeks after surgery, I attribute this to the sessions before and after surgery with the pelvic floor physical therapist. I was back to work in six weeks. I have had two follow-up labs (every 3 months) for PSA, they both have been 0.01 undetectable. They did start me a a Penile Rehabilitation program right after the catheter was out. This consists of using a vacuum pump every day for 4, 5 minutes sessions. I also take Cialis (tadalafil) every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (I have not noticed that this does anything?) to help blood flow to the penis. I am starting to get erections on my own, but still soft not hard enough for penetration. My penis will double to triple on side, but still hang down. I did start with Trimix about a month ago, and know have full erection from the injection of Trimix. I know that thought of sticking a needle in your penis is scary! Trust me it is not bad, and I love the results. I only inject Trimix once a week, Saturday mornings with my wife (this has made me fell somewhat normal). So that is my story and I am happy to friend or talk to anyone who may have questions or just needs an ear to bend.

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Hi dpybarra, just a bit confused by the implied timeline in your post. I'm thinking that your Radical Prostatectomy came after the fusion guided biopsy etc. Is that correct? Sounds like you have had great care and good results.

I'll add a shoutout for the multiparmetric MRI and the fusion guided biopsy (ultra sound and MRI) I benefitted from both. I had an anterior prostate tumor – and those are generally undectable by DRE (Digital Rectal Exam).

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