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Prolotherapy for SI joint pain

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There are two kinds of prolotherapy, one using glucose and the other using platelets. My daughter had the latter for her SI joint. This procedure is called platelet rich plasma or PRP. Often docs will try the glucose on first but my daughter has diabetes. Her PRP was done by a Spaulding physiatrist affiliated with Mass. General Hospital, who has done reams of studies. That doc requires imaging showing no bone issues since PRP works for soft tissues. PT was required as well, to see if that helped. The PRP itself involved drawing blood, spinning it to concentrate platelets and reinjecting at the very specific site of pain. It was miraculous for my daughter. After 10 years of pain she was better in 24 hours. She did a little PT afterward because that was part of the procedure and study, but didn't need it. It has lasted 6 years. She also had a knee done (same knee had surgery at age 10). She was born with hypermobile joints.

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Thank you for sharing. I have hypermobile Elhers Danlos Syndrome which is why I have joint instability and chronic pain.
I find it encouraging that your daughter had pain relief that lasted 6 years! Thank you for the insight. I am considering the (glucose) prolotherapy mainly because it is less expensive, so I will start there, and try the PRP in the future if needed.

Hello, I recently came across this forum and your post when searching for SI Joint specialists. I have had severe pain for over 7 years and believe after years of getting no answers – it is Si Joint dysfunction. I’m near the Massachusetts area and have been to Spaulding in Wellesley as well as have seen several doctors/neurologists at Mass General. I was wondering/hoping if you might be able to share the name of the doctor who helped your daughter with PRP for SI joint dysfunction? I am in desperate need of help to rid this pain in my buttock and behind my leg which has haunted me for too long. I would be extremely grateful for help and a recommendation.