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Hello, I am 4 yrs. post radical prostatectomy and 3 yrs. post radiation treatment. My psa's are undetectable at this time, but I suffer through urinary incontinence. My Doctor has discussed the male sling operation to help and I am wondering if anyone has experience with this procedure. He does not seem to be a fan of the artificial urinary sphincter surgery. Thanks

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Hello @hmctgraybill51 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. First, that is wonderful news that your PSAs are undetectable at this time. I wanted to connect you with a couple of other members, @scullrower and @stoney, who share your experience with incontinence to see if they may be able to come in and share if they know anything more about the sling and/or artificial urinary sphincter surgery, or if they even explored them as options.

Knowing what you know, what would be your preference?

My radical prostatectomy was in May 2019, which caused urinary incontinence for me. In order to have adjuvant radiation in the summer of 2020, I needed an artificial urinary sphincter. Dr. Daniel Elliott performed the surgery at Mayo, Rochester, and it has worked very well for me. We discussed both the sling and the AUS options, but the AUS was the sure cure and am very pleased with the results. My understanding is that Dr. Elliott is the surgeon in the world who has implanted the most AMS 800 AUS.

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