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Lupus nephritis

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I have the class IV and V too.

My lab numbers have fluctuated month to month some too. One time when the protein went up quite a bit unexpectedly, my nephrologist put me on an ARB (angiotensin receptor blocker). It seemed to help a lot with the protein and with my suddenly very high cholesterol too. I am off it now, and thankfully don't have measurable protein in my urine.

Each person is so unique. What worked for me might not be best for you. I hope your numbers improve. I had a few months in a row where everything seemed to be going the wrong way, and then things got better without any reason that i could tell. My doctors were more calm about it all than I was. It's important to talk to them when we have concerns, I think.

Have your overall lupus symptoms gotten better over time? Mine can still be fairly disabling.

May you have strength to cope each day too.

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Thank you @kssunflower. My doctor is planning to add something else to my current treatment regimen something like ARB or other new treatment options available. Fingers crossed and just hoping for everything to be normal soon. Thanks again for all your support.