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Hello. My 12 year old had COVID Pneumonia in September. Since then she has what she calls “zingers”-shooting nerve pains. Some bring her to tears. She also has some internal vibrations. We have tried 2 rounds of steroids and now just starting gabapentin. I’d love to hear from others (like above) that have nerve issues.

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My best t your little one…Were these symptoms present during the period she was experiencing other symptoms of covid, and if after, how long? Is she being treated by a "long covid" doctor/clinic? I've heard of people with extensive nerve issues and I'm sure they'll chime in…

@vonpinnon I'm so sorry your daughter feels zingers. That really bothers me as I know how disturbing and painful it can be. How does she currently deal with and get through the nerve pain flares? Has she learned tools like breathing techniques or meditation?

I had an internal vibration right under my sternum last night cooking dinner! I definitely pushed my limits yesterday doing too much. I immediately sat on the kitchen floor once I felt this strange feeling, but knew I would be fine since I have already had every cardiology and neurology test under the sun. Thank you for putting a name to it. I also experience severe sensory overload, sometimes I am unable to take a shower because my nervous system is overloaded from feeling the water on my skin.

Yes! I had COVID November 2021 with double pneumonia in hospital for 4 days, missed almost a full month of work. My systems started in the hospital with calf swelling, major fullness/pressure I brought it up and they told me it was from all the fluids they were giving me. After I was sent home it continued, I thought it might go away after a few days, it did not. Every follow-up doctor visit I kept asking about it. I had so much discomfort in my legs. They just told me it was from the inflammation. I then started to get sharp stabbing pains in my legs all over, it would take my breath away sometimes. Then I got throbbing, All this continues today, everyday. My feet will turn a reddish/purple and my veins will enlarge, this is when the throbbing is at its worse. I have weakness in my legs from the numbness that I have 24/7. Doctors just say, they don't know all the effects of long-covid. I cant seem to find anyone no help.