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Elevated liver enzymes after gallbladder removal

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I had my gallbladder laparoscopically 6 days ago. On Friday night, I began to have this uncontrollable itch all over. I went to the ER the next morning and it was discovered my liver enzymes were significantly elevated (see attached picture). They even reached out to my surgeon who ordered an ultrasound because he did not like my numbers. Preliminary results showed nothing was wrong. They gave me two prescriptions to help with the itching until I follow up with the surgeon on Monday. Based upon my liver enzyme numbers, how concerned should I be?

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Hi @tamekabonner and welcome! You will see I moved your post to a discussion that is talking about the same thing. Mayo Clinic Connect is a platform where patients can connect with other patients to share and compare health issues.
What type of Rxs did they give you and did your surgeon say why the ultrasound was ordered?

Why was your gallbladder removed? Did it burst by chance.
20 yrs ago, my brothers Gallbladder burst. He was quite sick and in the hospital for 6 weeks. After recovery, his liver enzymes were high for all those years. The doctors all thought he was drinking when he wasn't. Consequently, it turned out that when his gallbladder burst, 93 gallstones lodged into his liver which is very rare. Fortunately he found a doctor who read about this and did exploratory surgery. He had to remove 60% of my brothers liver. After 6 weeks the liver regenerated itself and my brother was fine.
I'm not saying this is your case, but suggesting you run it by your doctor for a possibility.
Hope you feel better soon.


I am experiencing similar. Could you share an outcome or what the result was?