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Brenda is this related to my situation or Eileen. This is hard to belief, trust me it has been for me but since acdf 3 fusion surgery done June 2020 I NEVER pass anything formed. So, it’s diarrhea to move something or stop all meds. I have stopped many many times since 2020 and get to 15 days without going to the bathroom. I ended up in the hospital. Now, I won’t go more than 5 or 6. I bought an enema system used for coffee enemas but I don’t use the coffee. I put two to three cups distilled water in and hold as long as possible to hopefully soften anything there. My problem is my stool gets stuck in traverse colon so way at the beginning of the colon where it empties from small intestine. I have severe motility issues. It’s just very odd because it happened after very long surgery. It was 6 hours and it was done through the front of my neck. Import never that controls bowels is right there. I think anesthesia and possibly the nerve is the issue but no one can do anything except say remove entire colon. I’m not. Joanne

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I do not have any blockage. Have Gastroparesis. I use mixture of oat bran, applesauce and prune juice. Yep tablespoons before bed and milk of magnesia saline also before bed. I don’t eat meat, dairy or raw veggies or raw fruit.
I eat chicken and fish but never fried.
I use plant butter and drink cup of coffee in the morning. I take over the counter IBGUARD Pill before I eat and take a probiotic, Culturelle.

Never go over 3 days without a bowel movement! At this point bacteria will be growing on your food that you have not passed. At day 3, use Magnesium Citrate and a fleet enema. This will usually save a trip to the ER.