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Well you need to be your own advocate these days. I’ve said it here a year ago that I approach my doctors with the attitude they get paid by you, so essentially they work for you. Suggest it and if the doctor rejects your desire to have the test, ask why. I’m sure with what you’ve been saying here you have the right diagnostic codes for your insurance company to cover it. It seems to be standard for your situation as the sitz marker study was for me. I’m retired so I have Medicare and a very good supplement. My doctor’s don’t always agree with my suggestions so when I’m going and want a specific test I get on my computer, print the most important info that states why this test can help in diagnosing and I bring it. I’m well informed and I want my doctors to know I am. I get they are smarter than I but it doesn’t mean that I know my body best and I can list off the top of my head every drug for constipation they have tried. Miralax to me is way over prescribed especially kids and just about every colonoscopy says take the largest bottle to prepare. It has a substance called PEG 3350. It’s an osmotic laxative. Just pushes water into the colon. I get very sick from it. Their are lawsuits pending from parents about long term effects on children. I can’t understand how a 27 ounce bottle mixed in gadorade for colon prep is good for anyone. It makes no sense. We’ll be safe and think positive, not easy. Remember, your in NH so you are close to Boston Hospitals, some of the best in the world. You can always go there.

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Hi Joanne thanks and I know. It's just hard. I know they work for us. Which is what's frustrating. I will see what he says next Monday. I know nor that far from Boston it would be great is if someone could recommend someone real good that I would be sure that would take me seriously. Also I stopped the Reglan due to side effects