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Eileen have you had the Smart Pill test. I did Sitz marker study but Smart Pill is something I’m asking for in March. I have heard it can get stuck but does not happen frequently. I think it could be an excellent test for you. Google it and see what it looks for. I do lots of research and go in with full knowledge to a doctor with things we might try. I go in being very informed so doctors understand I’ve been this way since June 2020 and all they can suggest is total colectomy. I feel more can be checked. I think it’s a nerve issue. Is vagus nerve anything you have had checked. It’s gag redux test. Pretty simple to get through. Our digestion starts in the cranium. I’ve learned so much in two years and have filled many journals. Good luck, Joanne

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hi joanne, no i havent. but i know someone who saw the same dr im going to see at dartmouth and she had the smartpill. yes it would be a good option especially since i dont know if my insurance would pay for another stomah emptying this soon. im really nervous how this doctor from dartmouth is going to be with me. its only been my pcp that believed me and thats scary. right now im under alot of stresss at home and that is causing stomach pain even with the reglan. so its hard not to be negetive. i dont want to be but it is what it is.