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Hi, I don’t get sick to my stomach if I stay away from OTC meds. I take mago7 which at least gives me diarrhea so I’m getting rid I think of something toxic in my colon. It does help with constipation but doesn’t sound for either of you that’s your main concern. I take a prescription probiotic called VSL#3 probiotic medical food. The company is Living Shield. This was given to me from the naturopathic doctor. I would think about researching a visceral massage person. In NH I see a woman in Merrimack. After every surgery we take care of a problem only to later down the rode get a lot of scar tissue. When this happens it creates another issue. I got sick from my gallbladder, never having stones. I had pancreatitis. The Hida Scan said non functioning . This was 15 plus years ago. I wish I had done more research in treating the pancreatitis and then see how my gallbladder was but back then it was remove the gallbladder. I have bile duct issues lately. The duct that stays even without your gall l for me is always on overfill because my “storage tank” the gallbladder isn’t there. That duck is constantly very wide. Recently MGH did an MRI and thought a Choledochal cyst. It was not and not a tumor just a backup of bile widening the duct.
I’ll never point a finger at anyone I just want an option other than remove my entire colon. I believe I’ll find one. I’ve gone from doc to doc, sent to other natural docs and get new ideas. I’ll keep searching. Also I do daily castor oil wraps with heat. All my suggestions you can google. Maybe something I’ve tried will help. Keep chatting…Joanne

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Wow Joanne, that's alot to deal with. I'm really sorry. I have only had my gallbladder out since Jan 17. No problems since I got the stone out of my bile duct. I'm just dealing with possible gastroparisis. No idea what the motility doctor at Dartmouth will say to me. I am worried. If he doesn't help me I don't know where to go. I know I definitely need another stomach emptying procedure