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Alcohol alone, without alterations of Vitamin B1, can cause peripheral neuropathy.
I have also been a nearly daily social drinker until recently. At least one of my providers felt that this was most likely the cause of my PN. Others have almost scoffed at the idea, considering my level of alcohol use.
Soon after my diagnosis, I completely abstained for several months. Nevertheless, my PN was progressive. At this time, I drink a glass or 2 of wine nearly daily. The PN continues to be progressive.
My take is that no one knows precisely the amount of alcohol necessary to cause alcoholic PN. Furthermore, I believe once the nerves are damaged, from whatever cause, it is unlikely they will heal.
It's the individual patient's call, whether to give up or reduce your alcohol intake. If you do, you may be limiting the progression of the disease. The down side is that you have to give up drinking, without really knowing if it makes any difference.
As with almost everything about this maddening disease, its confusing.

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@jeffrapp I was diagnosed about 8 , 9 years ago. I was a daily drinker 2 -3 glasses of wine . It helped my pain at night and at least my ability to mentally calm down. My neuropathy went from numb and tingly to stabbing pains in my toes. Last year I finally decided to give up alcohol. If you read the effects , it can cause so many physical and mental issues. It was difficult to give up but mixing gabapentin, Cymbalta, and supplements with alcohol also causes problems so why risk it?
I find my neuropathy is staying the same at least and not progressing, my memory is 10 times better and I lost 20 lbs which puts less pressure on my feet. A couple months isn’t long enough and I hope you will consider trying again. Medical cannabis is a good alternative to replace the alcohol. Why do anything that is proven to cause nerve damage?
Good luck,

Quitting alcohol...not so difficult unless you have a problem.

I drank Alcohol frequently during my college years and being single until age 30, then quit entirely. That was almost 50 years earlier. Around age 45 I began a long term neurological dysfunction, MECFS, the severe, progressive type. Now, about 2 years ago I developed neuropathy in my legs, progressive and very painful, stabbing. I just began taking a shot of Vodka late pm to help calm racing thoughts in insomnia. I’m wondering if this routine or the early years drinking was/is related to these neurological problems; and if medical marijuana might actually help - and where to buy it online? Neurologist actually recommended it!