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hi JoAnne, when i first got sick i was extremely constipated and i mean real bad. never experienced anything like it in my life. not so much now. especially with my gallbladder out. i see dr. curley virtually on march 7. i was moved up from april 18 but still have no idea how he will treat or respond to me. iit is a relief that my pcp believed me. the reglan for the most part has been working. i get extremely sleepy feel like sometimes i sleep half the day away as well as sleeping early PM. i dont know if thats part of it. i wish you good luck. its no fun being sick even less when noone believes you.

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I agree. I’ve tried every drug out there. I hope on March 16th Dr. Hanley has new thoughts. I think a nerve or anesthesia is what caused my bowels to completely shut dow. I don’t even care why anymore just want help to fix it and keep my colon.
I never suffered much after gallbladder especially bowels. I did adjust my diet for the first year but slowly added foods to see how they worked. As years went by my food sensitivities got better but I ended with a sensitive stomach to many foods. That is easy to live with for me. Keeping our gallbladder if possible always better. Going through all this with my large colon I have learned a lot and our gallbladders had an important roll in digestion. It was sort of like our storage tank for bile. Now we don’t have that so digestion changes more than I ever understood. I just hope that from one doctor to the next and the next someone will figure me out. Keep posting, blessings Joanne