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Hi Joanne,
I am so sorry for everything you are going through. i know it is not easy. i started getting sick at the end of june 2021. i was inthe ER 3 times in less than a week. the did do a ct scan it showed i had inflammation in my stomach near my colon. doc didnt help just told me to go buy miralax. primary dr at the time wouldnt help. i spent most of my time in the ER. i was told by two surgeons after my hida scan i had something else going on besides my gallbladder. gallbladder came out jan 17 but i only had trouble being able to eat more after that i was literally losing almost a pound a day. i went back this past monday to the NP i saw a few yrs ago and he is better than even some of the MD's. he listened to me, like noone else has. he said he thought i had gastroparisis and prescribed reglan. i started being able to eat again. my local GI a few weeks ago was clueless. he wanted to put me on a antidepressent i said no. i will never go back to him or that hospital. i do have a appt coming up with a motility doctor at dartmouth. my NP said to make sure i tell him the reglan is working. im so nervous though. what if he dont believe me or help me? i should add my stomach emptying at this horrible hospital was a joke. they gave me half a tuna sandwich and i know your suppose to have eggs and toast. so of course they said it was "normal" even though i didnt empty one hour out of four. what hospital did you have luck with in boston? i am in whitefield, up north. but i am originally from mass. keep in touch Eileen

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I see now Dr. Hanley Williams, Lahey. She is a motility Gastro doc. March 16 th she gave me but that’s her deadline, not mine. Are you constipated? Every OTC med made me very sick with vomiting. Mag07 is magnesium and potassium and every three days gives me enough diarrhea to feel safe. I get colonic hydrotherapy in Bedford NH and she recommended it. I have not passed a form stool since June 2020. It just makes no sense.