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I wish you good luck
I don't see mine until April 18. But since my pcp said I had gastroparisis and on Reglan, still struggling with what to eat.

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Please watch for side effects of the Reglan. My gastro doctor wanted me to take it years ago and my family care doctor said no! After a couple of more years my gastro doctor said he was having a lot of patients have severe non-reversible side effects from Reglan and was being more careful as to who he prescribed it for. I have neuralgia.. nerve problems which could make me more likely to have the side effects. At first sign of any side effects you should stop the drug. I just survived on no drugs for it for years (watch my diet) until I had more digestive issues come up. .. I wound up having a gastric bypass to take care of a giant hiatal hernia that kept pulling up into my chest and bringing my stomach with it. I had so many complications .. rebuilt digestive tract … along the journey and the gastroparesis is no longer much of a problem.. just sometimes. More problems getting food to go into my stomach than out because of esophageal problems.

With the gallbladder removal you need to watch your diet… and ease back into eating … many diet guides for it and gastoparesis on the internet.. . low fat, low sweet, easily digestible foods .. eat probiotic foods like yogurt or kefir or do as I do and take a probiotic supplement (I use Align, but you may have success with a cheaper one.. i did not.. I spent a lot of money on trial and error on which one worked best for me) .

If your read through some of the linked conversations that Colleen mentioned you may find more help.