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I have BX and MAC and dropped from 102 lbs to 92 lbs. I needed to gain weigh fast and consulted a Kaiser nutritionist who sent me the two pager attached here on increasing calories and protein. After 3 months I got back to 102 lbs. The nutritionist explained that to gain one pound per week, one must consume an extra 500 calories a day. And I had to eat every two hours, whether I'm hungry or not. Suggestions on how to get the extra 500 calories a day are in the attached two pager. You can do this just by snacking two or three times a day. For example, you can get 350 calories just from a mashed banana mixed with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter. Or a handful of nuts gives you 250 calories. One pizza slice with lots of cheese is 250 calories. While trying to gain weight, I ate what I consider junk food, e.g., pizza, ice cream, etc. But it was more important to gain weight to help fight the MAC then the minimal harm of eating junk food for three months. Now that I'm back to my normal weight, mostly the junk food is gone and I am back to my gluten free Paleo diet along with snacking on lots of nuts.
lora jo

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Thanks Lora I am ready to roll