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In reply to @ritapearl …. It has taken me many months (9) to finally put on some weight that I inadvertently lost. I have bronchiectasis (w/o Mac). The nutritionist I met with at Mayo recommended at least 1550 calories daily. This continues to be difficult for me to reach as my favored foods tend to be whole, unprocessed foods with more emphasis on veggies and rice; along with being gluten-free. I have learned to consistently increase my protein intake, along with healthy fats (ie, nuts, oil, and avocado). However, almost everyday I have added an evening dessert…..at first, it rather disgusted me…..but now, if I get all my weight back, I won’t know how to stop this bad habit😜 the nutritionist said “FitnessPal” app is helpful and I used it daily for the first few months until I got better at adding calories. Also, she said I needed to weigh myself weekly and I definitely didn’t want to do that because I thought I would get “weight obsessed.” That never happened and was helpful. This has been my journey. Good luck and take care

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Hi thanks fr the tips I appreciate it