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Life after Pancreatectomy: How was your recovery?

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Hi Im 63 and I had the Top part of my Pancreas Removed as it was Cancerous 2021 its been a year and they said i may have only 6 mth ...... I go back for scans to see if it has come back every 90 dy....It has Been straight up HELL as now I have Sugar Diabities.All this is New for me and It had me thinking that ANY time I could be leaving Here every time i have to take a creon pill to say the least.Especialy when using the bathroom....And the Dizzy spells as well and Cant gain weight. At times i Just wanted this to be over with YOU KNOW leave here this is exstremly difficult to deal with when you are poor and i HAVE TO EAT WHAT I CAN to survive I mean Just that AND im lucky that I found a place to stay(a room that takes most of my SSI AND NO BATH or shower just a sink.).I m Glad i GOT out of that Nursing Center They intialy are Not a good Group of People but there were a frew that geinuinly cared....In this end i wonder Just how long I got to be here i realy dont care to Much Either way its going to be continue Hell.But my Dr is the One who got me thinking I should live and thats gave me Strenght to Try to keep going on...While i was in the Hospital I caught Covid along with the surgery .One Night WHILE ON THE PAIN pills i CALLED TO THE Nurse who was walking past my Room, you know scared and alone thinking I would die with (that dam tub in my mouth) just needed a little asurance (You Know) that I would be alright After the Surgry,She kept going as if she did not hear me but i know she did because she look right at me,as she move on down the hall i heard her tell another Nurse in a somewhat whisper " not going in there ,im dont know what to say to him and he is dying" More than any fear through out this entire exsperience i had never Knew such aloness and saddnes and fear at one time.So i guess you all can say Im lucky to be here Now! I wish you all WELL keep up the fight especial If you are fortunate to have those that Love you then I would say that Fight is worth it! Peace

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Sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time. My wife is 2 1/2 years since diagnosis and has endured chemo (third time now) multiple surgeries and horrible and debilitating side efects. She also can't eat and can't gain weight. But she believes that there is a reason why she is still here and that's what keeps her going. You're still here and there must be a reason. We might never know, but keep going and maybe you'll find out. With pancan, surviving one more day can be the difference in living long enough to discover the cure.