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OCD and the Autism Spectrum

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Your post was awhile ago, so I hope you get this.
I had a husband diagnosed OCD later in life, my youngest was diagnosed OCD at 5 and sensitivity disorder, but not on spectrum.
I raised him with no medication, powered through many situations and worked hard to learn coping mechanisms.
Was he hard to parent yes!
Did I find an occupational therapist - yes, she worked with him through touch therapy, worked with him on having him get haircuts, but more story is that I never shared his issues with the school, he learned to cope at school and at home learn to take a break talc for 30 minutes after school.
He is now a freshman at a big 10 university.
Never thought he could manage with a roommate
He amazed me- 3.5 gpa, made the baseball team his dream as a catcher since he was 9.
Manages his OCD and anxiety still without meds and has amazed me everyday.
Again, was he hard to parent YES! But did we make it through the worst of times with his OCD amazingly!
His path is physical therapy, he will be successful and on time for everything in his life.
Don’t dwell on OCD don’t label him. Just work on teaching him to Cope.
An occupational therapist will guide you
A proud mom of three

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@boathouse Yours is a very inspiring post, definitely. Your son was blessed to have a mother who is aware, and tuned in to him. The patience you had to work with him, was also a great example to your son that perseverance is key to success in this world, regardless of the diagnosis and treatment! A heart-felt congratulations to you both coming from my corner!

I really like the idea of not dwelling on labels. Years ago I read a quote from martina navritolova, the tennis great. "Labels are for clothes, not for people", or something to that effect.