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Welcome to Mayo Connect. This group is so helpful for me. I will suggest that you keep a 7day diary of all your activities. Start with time of day, list all of your foods consumed at each meal, list routine activities during the day. List symptoms nothing what time they occurred and how long they lasted. Take your b/p and pulse( if possible when symptoms start). Take them standing &sitting. You can use your cell phone to record your daily diary. Because the dr’s time is limited make a graft at the end of each day to see if there is a pattern to your symptoms. What makes your symptoms worsted ? What makes them better? This will provide accurate information for your dr. Also note your sleep patterns. I know this may seem like a lot, but use your phone to record daily activities, and your computer to help you graft information to paper. This will help paint a picture of your symptoms to share with your dr. Good luck

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@codered032, That is a great way to provide the doctor with a snapshot of your condition. Thanks.
I also keep a record of any change of symptoms (good and bad) when there is a change of medications. Also is important for over the counter medications/supplements if you take them.

@sleep4awhile, I am concerned about what you decided to do? Did you contact your PCP or a doctor? Will you be seeing anyone? Has there been any change in your condition?