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Protracted Benzo withdrawal

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@rpcollier, @lindasmith1222, and all….You mentioned RLS. I have a serious case and was put on an Iron + C replacement supplement by my Sleep doctor. Apparently, this is a rather newish finding that we often have low iron. Thie simply required a specific ferrous blood test, then I was to either have an infusion or begin the supplement. I was extremely low and began the supplement, Vitron C. You need the addition of C to help with the absorption of the iron. I regularly have this bloodwork and am very slowly improving. I am also taking a magnesium supplement and Requip prescription. Man! What improvements. I still move around too much, but this has been a life-changer for me.

Perhaps give it a look and see if any of this makes sense for you.
Blessings, elizabeth

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I did not have low iron. I was aware of that issue by listening to a podcast from Cleveland Clinic/Dr.Andy Berkowski. So glad you are getting better. I highly recommend listening to Dr. Berkowski. Details the triggers, home remedies and treatment.