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Hi @colleenyoung, Thanks for all the connection to the other helpful threads. I have spent some time reading through them and seeing many similar stories as mine and some new ideas for help.
I have not been to a “post-COVID recovery clinic”yet, but m getting lots of support from my primary dr. One of the hospitals in my area offers a long haul recovery clinic, but it is really a pulmonologist who is seeing folks then trying to connect them with other doctors in their system.
I bumping up against not finding a local neurologist who is supportive and wanting to seek out what might be going on. The neurologist I have seen have told me that they just don’t know and to give it time no things should get better. I do have an virtual appointment with the Neuro COVID Clinic at Northwestern Hospital next month. It took 8 months to get this appointment, so I am looking forward to talking with the drs there.

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I am having the same issue. I got the Moderna vaccine. All three with the advice of my pcp. My first vaccine was in 2021. I have tremors pain in my ears now. Plus everything you said and high blood pressure now. I have had blood done and mri. Been tested for neuropathy. The answers I get are you are a long hauler but nothing is ever written down. Now I’m going in February to see a cardiologist. This is just costing an arm and a leg! I truly believe it’s the vaccine. I don’t know where or what to do anymore. It’s scary and I wish there was just even an answer. Please if anyone can guide us to an answer. It’s going into 2023 and we need answers. I don’t feel good no more bc of this and I would love to just feel like myself again!

Robin, May I ask if you found this clinic helpful?